Helping Anastasia from Ukraine to Norway


24th September 2022: This week we have been on a mission of helping 17-year-old Anastasia travel from Ukraina to Norway to reunite with her mother and sister.

We were approached with a request for helping Anastasia get to her family in Norway. Her mother and little sister arrived in Norway earlier this year, both suffering from war wounds. Anastasia stayed behind in Ukraine with her grandparents. 

With fantastic help from OperationAid, Anastasia was able to get across the border from Ukraine into Poland. There she was met by our representative Kathrine Jølle Wathne. Anastasia and Kathrine stayed one night in Krakow before flying to Norway. Within a couple of days Anastasia was finally reunited with her mother. 

We want to thank every single supporting player that made this possible!

  • Thank you Lee Louise Edlund for helping us get in touch with OperationAid.
  • Thank you OperationAid and their volunteers Bernhard, Chelsea, Nataliya and Ludvig.
  • Thank you Pavlo Kaliberda for helping Anastasia get in touch with us and for coordinating the first communication. 
  • Thank you Zhanna Samsonenko for translating and coordinating everything with the family in Norway. 
  • Thank you Pershyn Pavlo and Olena Hebler for coordinating necessary activities.
  • Thank you to Grete Kvalheim and her friends for financial support.
  • Thank you Hilde Severinsen Sandnes & Eirik for helping with practical tasks. 
  • Thanks to everyone single one that has helped support us financially through VIPPS 741926 and through our Facebook fundraising:

Thanks to everyone that made this possible!