Nordic SOS Ukraine

- A non-profit organization helping refugees from Ukraine -

About Nordic SOS Ukraine

Nordic SOS Ukraine is a non-profit organization registered in Norway that is involved in helping refugees from Ukraine. Our purpose is to assist with the following:

  • General humanitarian tasks helping refugees from Ukraine
  • Helping refugees that have already arrived in Norway

Everyone associated with our project works voluntarily and unpaid.

Nordic SOS Ukraine will assist refugees who have already arrived the Nordic countries, with participation in various events, activities and social events related to refugees from Ukraine. This will take place at international, national, regional, and local levels.  

Nordic SOS Ukraine

We are a group of enthusiastic people working as volunteers, who all work as quickly as we can to get things in place.

The project started on 8 March 2022, so we are still in the initial stages.

Since we started, we have already helped many refugees to arrive safely in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Need for financial support

Nordic SOS Ukraine operates on non-profit. We need assistance from organizations, people and businesses that can provide financial support, so please get in touch if you wish to donate


Against this backdrop, we reach out to organizations, companies and people who can provide financial support immediately so that we can help as many refugees as possible!

You can contact us here.

  • Donate in Norway by VIPPS: #741926



You can donate to our cause using PayPal - click here for PayPal to Nordic SOS Ukraine