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Help house 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine through AirBnB

Offer stays for free or at a discount through, or donate to help our funding stretch further.
AirBnB has a professional system for this so use them!

 - Nordic SOS Ukraine can unfortunately NOT coordinate housing -

Below you will find valuable information for refugees coming to Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Valuable information for refugees coming to Norway

Norway is geographically divided into 11 counties (fylke). Each county is divided into smaller municipalities (kommune). It is the responsibility of each municipality to organize help for the refugees. Here is a list of the largest municipalities and a link to their webpage with information regarding refugees from Ukraine:

Valuable information for refugees coming to Sweden

Are your interested in helping refugees arriving in Sweden?

Interested in renting out accommodation

Stockholm municipality is looking for private individuals who rent out their homes to refugees due to the war in Ukraine.