Nordic SOS Ukraine: Autumn 2023 Report


In the autumn of 2023, Nordic SOS Ukraine successfully mobilized resources for the Ukrainian people amidst ongoing challenges. Thanks to generous donors and sponsored funds, we've gathered essential supplies and purchased critical equipment.

Key Milestones:

  • On November 4, 2023, our collection was entrusted to Ukraine Relief at Klippen Sandnes. Their logistical support ensures safe delivery to those in need in Ukraine.
  • Notable items collected include basic food supplies, baby essentials, medical items, hygiene products, clothing, and more.
  • A significant purchase of 81 tourniquets, at 311 Norwegian kroner each, underscores our commitment to lifesaving measures. Each tourniquet has the potential to save a life, a poignant reminder of the impact of each donation.

Looking Ahead: As winter approaches, our focus shifts to collecting warm clothing and winter gear. With Christmas nearing, we aim to gather gifts for children, bringing them joy in these tough times.

Acknowledgments: This endeavor would not be possible without the overwhelming support we've received. Your contributions have been instrumental in providing relief and hope. As Russian forces continue to target infrastructure, your support becomes ever more crucial.

Join Us: We continue our mission into November 2023 and beyond. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Help us bring warmth, aid, and hope to Ukraine.

Thank You! Your solidarity is our strength. Together, we make a difference.