Trip to Ukraine in January 2023


Trip to Ukraine from 13-19 January 2023: We are soon ready for a trip to Ukraine to deliver a donated power generator, collected sleeping bags as well as collected warm clothes and other equipment such as blankets, pillows and toys for children. We will also bring refugees back to Norway!

We need your help to make this happen! Feel free to give your support to our journey!

Information about the assignment:

Joon Øgren Andersen is a member of the board of Nordic SOS Ukraine and has last year taken a certificate for buses and has also bought a minibus with the purpose of assisting refugees from Ukraine. This tour is scheduled to take place from 13-19 January 2023.

We have a minibus with space for three wheelchair users, which is especially needed. On this tour, Jane (Joon's wife) and Anne Beathe (Joon's sister-in-law) will join the tour. Both are nurses and will assist with health challenges along the way.

Briefly about those who are on the trip:

Joon - board member of Nordic SOS Ukraine. Runs his own company Vannteknikk SØR AS. Lives in Grimstad with wife and 4 children. Has previously driven aid shipment to Ukraine and helped a family of 3 to Norway who live in Grimstad and have now become part of the family.

Jane - Nurse and works in the emergency room. Married to Joon, lives in Grimstad with 4 children. Jane has been involved in helping her family from Ukraine settle into a new country and considers them part of the family.

Ann Beathe - Nurse and works in an emergency room. Resident in Grimstad with husband and 3 children. Ann Beathe has a great desire to help and, like Joon and Jane, has warmly welcomed new family members.

All three travelers have an approved police certificate, which is a requirement in order to be able to pick up refugees from Ukraine. The trip is in collaboration with Voluntary Support Norway -

Sleeping bags: We are currently working with a person in Oslo who has collected around 50 sleeping bags that we will bring with us to Ukraine. This is an initiative from a global insurance cooperation and comes from contact we have had with TAS Life (Ukraine). We will take these sleeping bags with us to Ukraine. Such equipment is important during this cold winter.

The trip will be funded by money we receive for our organization, so all contributions are received with great thanks! 

You can donate through our SPLEIS.

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