"Vi heier på" - donation from Storebrand



Our organization is fortunate to have been selected as winners of Storebrand in the "We cheer for" competition, so that we can continue assisting Ukraine.

"Nordic SOS Ukraine - Shipping of equipment and clothing: Nordic SOS Ukraine is a voluntary organization that works to assist the people of Ukraine with the donation of necessary equipment. The organization collects equipment from businesses and volunteers. Important equipment collected is, for example, sleeping bags, power generators, hygiene products and water. The project will ensure the transport of the equipment with the assistance of local organizations."

We will ensure that the funds are used wisely in upcoming project(s). We will keep you all updated on future initiatives - and thank you Storebrand for this fantastic support!

Read more on Storebrand's website here: https://www.storebrand.no/om-storebrand/vi-heier-pa-konkurransen