Nordic SOS Ukraine

Nordic SOS Ukraine is a nonprofit organization involved in helping people in Ukraine as well as refugees from Ukraine. Our organization is registered in Norway. Our purpose is to assist with humanitarian tasks helping people from Ukraine.  

Nordic SOS Ukraine will assist refugees who have already arrived in the Nordic countries, with participation in various events, activities and social events related to refugees from Ukraine. This will take place at international, national, regional, and local levels.

Everyone associated with our project works voluntarily and unpaid. Since we started, we have already helped many refugees arrive safely in Norway and Sweden. 

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We accept clothes, shoes, hygiene products, medicines, duvets, pillows, sleeping bags, towels, dry goods, and similar items. Collected in Stavanger!

From December 2023 to February 2024, our organization undertook a series of initiatives aimed at providing support to the people of Ukraine during a period of pressing need. In the initial phase, December 2023 was marked by a concerted effort to collect essential items for distribution. The response from our community was overwhelmingly positive,...

In the autumn of 2023, Nordic SOS Ukraine successfully mobilized resources for the Ukrainian people amidst ongoing challenges. Thanks to generous donors and sponsored funds, we've gathered essential supplies and purchased critical equipment.

Our wonderful supporter Vigdis Haug has again collected equipment for Ukraine. Joon Øgren Andersen has been with her in Oslo and collected this. Our next goal and project is to collect equipment for Ukraine, to carry out another trip sometime after the summer with Voluntary Support Norway. Thank you very much for the wonderful assistance and help

Our co-founder Joon Øgren Andersen rarely rests. On his own initiative together with his family, he has sponsored the purchase of night binoculars and power banks to charge binoculars in the field. The binoculars have been handed over for use in Ukraine. In addition, drawings from the 7th grade at Landvik school were sent to the soldiers. Joon has...

In collaboration with we have helped bring 8 refugees from Ukraine to Norway. These arrived in Norway in mid-January 2023. We thank everyone who has contributed financially and who has donated equipment. On the trip, we delivered a large power generator which was handed over to OperationAid. They transported this...

Vigdis Haug in Oslo has now collected over 100 sleeping bags that Nordic SOS Ukraine will have delivered to Ukraine in January 2023. Some of these are new military sleeping bags. Many thanks to Vigdis Haug who has been responsible for the fundraising, and to her colleagues in Storebrand who have donated sleeping bags!

Kim André in our...

Trip to Ukraine from 13-19 January 2023: We are soon ready for a trip to Ukraine to deliver a donated power generator, collected sleeping bags as well as collected warm clothes and other equipment such as blankets, pillows and toys for children. We will also bring refugees back to Norway!